How To Know If An Online Casino Is Legal?

Playing online  casino games is an increasingly popular activity performed by a large number of people. Roulette,  live blackjack  and slot games, among others, are very attractive to players who can now play comfortably from their homes through online casino gaming portals .

In order to play with confidence and confidence in this type of entertainment platform, it is important to  know if the online  casino is legal  and complies with the established regulations that guarantee fair play and the protection of the players’ data.

How to check the legality of an online casino

To find out if the legal casino where you are going to play is legal and therefore, a safe place to enter personal and bank information (such as debit or credit cards), a series of verifications must be carried out:

1- Check the domain

The DGOJ (Directorate General for the Regulation of Gambling) has imposed as a  mandatory requirement that regulated online  casinos operate under domain . Therefore, to know if an online  casino is legal, you must first check if its domain is a .es.

2- Check the seal of safe play

The  Safe Gaming logo  is another of the essential requirements for a casino to be legal. You have to look on your platform for this image that all online  sports betting and gaming platforms must have to ensure that they have a DGOJ license to operate. Online  casinos with this logo guarantee that:

  • The rules of the game are clear and transparent and users have the right to be informed about them.
  • The platform guarantees an honest game free of scams and cheats.
  • Payments, deposits and collections are made under a secure gateway.
  • It is guaranteed that minors cannot access these games.

Another logo that usually accompanies the safe gambling logo is  Play Well . This logo is promoted by the Spanish government to promote responsible gaming practices.

3- Curaçao offshore license

Casinos  online  that have  the international license offshore Curacao can also operate legally . The casinos under this license offer a greater variety of games, including online  roulette and live blackjack games that other types of casinos do not have.

4- Consult list of legal operators

If there are doubts about the legality of an online  casino platform, you can  consult the list of legal operators available on the official website of the DGOJ . This updated list includes all the online  casinos that can operate for free.

The games offered by online  casinos have become one of the most popular forms of entertainment on the internet. Its commitment to security in payments, the variety of games and technology has allowed many new users to use them on a regular basis.

It is easy to find out if an online casino is legal by checking if its domain is .es, if it has the fair play logo and is certified with the Curaçao offshore license.

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